Customer Testimonials

“Fantastic outdoor air conditioning. Very cool air allowing us to spend hot days and nights in our outdoor living area.” – Lucie B.

“I had a different cooler that was unbearably loud and not efficient. The CK is quiet and the oscillating slats do a great job moving the air around in my Florida backyard bar. One of my better purchases.” – Rob A.


“I just wanted to say how awesome this machine works. It is by far way superior to the other evaporative coolers on the market. We have two large cats and the filters on the side are a life saver for keeping the unit clean. The ease to add ice to the machine is incredible. This will make our summers in south Louisiana enjoyable!” – Nick S.


“Loved it so much, we bought a second one. We keep one in LA and another in Alabama. Didn’t want to keep transporting one unit between the two locations during the summer. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy outside in the summer without them.” – Barry W.


“We bought our 4500 in April 2016 and love it! It has traveled with us in a Heat Wave to Niagara Falls where many people were envious because we were wearing long sleeves sitting in front of this thing in very cold air! We live and camp here in south Louisiana and our unit comes with us on all our trips. We love it and recommend this if you’d like to camp in comfort!” – Priscilla B.


“I been using these fans in my restaurant for 5 years and about to order 2 more. We run them for 12 hours in Louisiana weather, I highly recommend these fans.” – Ramin Q.


“Great Customer Service for a Great Product! Compare the huge old fan we had that’s bigger and louder but not as cool as the new quiet cajun Kooling!” – Darla P.


“After doing my research I compared their product against their competitors. I came to the conclusion that the Cajun Kooling cooler was the best bang for my money. After receiving the cooler and operating it, I was beyond impressed with its performance. The customer service I received was first class!!!” – Blane G.


“I do woodworking some of the time in the garage and to be able to remove and clean the filters without dismantling the unit is a HUGE PLUS. This is not my first evaporative cooler, the first was large and bulky, did not have filters was hard to move around and did not have moving wind bars. By far this is the BEST COOLER and will help you keep your Kool.” – Ernest O.


“Purchased the ck3000 for tailgating at college football games.  This unit replaced another brand I had used for a couple of years before it died on us.  This unit is far superior in the amount of air it moves as compared to my previous evaporative cooler.  This unit is large enough to effectively cool under our tailgate pop style tent but not so large that it can’t be carried in the back of a pick-up truck.” – Phil E.


“They made significant improvements to the unit to allow ice to be used in the water, which cools the air about 30 degrees more than normal. Their fan motors are of superior quality, sealed units. I live in Phoenix, AZ where summer temps are record breaking at 118 degrees, we use our Cajun Kooler coupled with our mister system so we can enjoy being outside on the patio. This unit is superior to others we’ve tried, and I highly recommend it.” – Jo Ann D.



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