Evaporative Coolers Warranty

Cajun Kooling Evaporative Air Coolers are warrantied against defective material or workmanship for 2 years from date of purchase, provided same have been properly stored, installed, serviced, maintained and operated. All parts will be shipped with directions for installation at no charge on all mechanical parts not including labor. This warranty shall not apply to products which have been not used according to user manual, altered or repaired in anyway as so effect their performance without Cajun Kooling’s express authorization and troubleshooting, nor which have been improperly installed or subject to misuse, negligence, or accident our incorrectly used in combination with our additive substances. The buyer assumes all risks and liability resulting from the use for the products.

If you experience unsatisfactory operation, first refer to the trouble-shooting section herein to determine if the problem is due to care of cleaning. Follow cleaning and maintenance and the How it Works section.

To register your warranty please fill out warranty form page located in the user manual and mail it within 14 days of purchase.

If you any question or comments, please call Cajun Kooling customer service at 1-844-819-3557 or email us info@cajunkooling.com


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