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Cajun Kooling’s evaporative coolers are highly efficient, offering effective cooling using water evaporation, ideal for energy-saving and eco-friendly cooling solutions.

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Drop Air Temperature by 10-25 Degrees

Feel an immediate difference in temperature and reclaim your outdoor spaces.

Cools 600 sq ft
Great for: Tailgates/Sporting Events

Cools 1200 sq ft
Great for: Outdoor Activities

Cools 1700 sq ft
Great for: Warehouses/Shops

Cools 3000 sq ft
Great for: Warehouses/Shops


Pictured: CK4500


Pictured: CK18000

Top of the line Evaporative Coolers – Built to Last

Exclusive UV light kills bacteria and creates clean, low-allergen air.

Simply fill with water, plug in and enjoy.

Energy efficient. Costs less than $1 a day.

Designed with transportation in mind

High quality materials to sustain all outdoor environments

Drops the temperature 10 to 25 degrees.

The quietest yet powerful swamp coolers on the market

Minimal upkeep and cleaning.

Premium Products and Support

At Cajun Kooling, we pride ourselves on providing premium evaporative coolers that outperform and outlast the competition. Our swamp coolers are designed with the latest technology to ensure that they are not only energy-efficient but also reliable and long-lasting. We understand that your cooling needs are unique, and that’s why we offer a range of evaporative coolers to suit different applications and requirements. Whether you need a small portable unit for your home or a larger industrial unit for a commercial setting, we have the right evaporative cooler for you.

In addition to our premium products, we also provide best-in-market customer support. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have and to help you choose the right evaporative cooler for your needs. At Cajun Kooling, we stand behind our products and service, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible. When you choose Cajun Kooling, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality evaporative cooler and unmatched customer support.


2-Year Unlimited Warranty

on all mechanical parts

Secure Payment

100% secure payment

24/7 Support

Dedicated support

100% Satisfaction


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Satisfied Customers

“Fantastic outdoor air conditioning. Very cool air allowing us to spend hot days and nights in our outdoor living area.” – Lucie B.
“I had a different cooler that was unbearably loud and not efficient. The CK is quiet and the oscillating slats do a great job moving the air around in my Florida backyard bar. One of my better purchases.” – Rob A.
“I just wanted to say how awesome this machine works. It is by far way superior to the other evaporative coolers on the market. We have two large cats and the filters on the side are a life saver for keeping the unit clean. The ease to add ice to the machine is incredible. This will make our summers in south Louisiana enjoyable!” – Nick S.
“Loved it so much, we bought a second one. We keep one in LA and another in Alabama. Didn’t want to keep transporting one unit between the two locations during the summer. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy outside in the summer without them.” – Barry W.
“We bought our 4500 in April 2016 and love it! It has traveled with us in a Heat Wave to Niagara Falls where many people were envious because we were wearing long sleeves sitting in front of this thing in very cold air! We live and camp here in south Louisiana and our unit comes with us on all our trips. We love it and recommend this if you’d like to camp in comfort!” – Priscilla B.
“I have been using these fans in my restaurant for 5 years and about to order 2 more. We run them for 12 hours in Louisiana weather, I highly recommend these fans.” – Ramin Q.
“Great Customer Service for a Great Product! Compare the huge old fan we had that’s bigger and louder but not as cool as the new quiet cajun Kooling!” – Darla P.
“After doing my research I compared their product against their competitors. I came to the conclusion that the Cajun Kooling cooler was the best bang for my money. After receiving the cooler and operating it, I was beyond impressed with its performance. The customer service I received was first class!!!” – Blane G.
“I do woodworking some of the time in the garage and to be able to remove and clean the filters without dismantling the unit is a HUGE PLUS. This is not my first evaporative cooler, the first was large and bulky, did not have filters was hard to move around and did not have moving wind bars. By far this is the BEST COOLER and will help you keep your Kool.” – Ernest O.
“Purchased the ck3000 for tailgating at college football games. This unit replaced another brand I had used for a couple of years before it died on us. This unit is far superior in the amount of air it moves as compared to my previous evaporative cooler. This unit is large enough to effectively cool under our tailgate pop style tent but not so large that it can’t be carried in the back of a pick-up truck.” – Phil E.
“They made significant improvements to the unit to allow ice to be used in the water, which cools the air about 30 degrees more than normal. Their fan motors are of superior quality, sealed units. I live in Phoenix, AZ where summer temps are record breaking at 118 degrees, we use our Cajun Kooler coupled with our mister system so we can enjoy being outside on the patio. This unit is superior to others we’ve tried, and I highly recommend it.” – Jo Ann D.
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Engineered to Perform and Built to Outlast

High Power in Small Form Factor
Cajun Kooling evaporative coolers pack a big cooling punch in a small package. Our models deliver the same CFM (cubic feet per minute, or cooling power) as competing units that are twice the size. Get the same cooling efficiency without having to sacrifice as much of your space.

Enhanced Evaporative Media
Keep things cool over the long run with our cutting-edge cooling units that are fortified with enhanced evaporative media. Each one of our evaporative coolers features fiberglass added to their evaporative media in order to provide extra longevity. You can rely on our coolers to get the job done for years in even the harshest environments thanks to their enhanced evaporative media.
Designed by Owner
Our evaporative coolers feature proprietary designs that are unique to Cajun Kooling. You won’t find the same quality and reliability with other evaporative cooler providers, period. Each one of our products was designed and developed by the owner, an experienced businessman with a strong technical background in engineering.

Double-Sealed Motor
Motor repairs can be expensive, which is a great reason to purchase your evaporative cooling units from Cajun Kooling. All of our evaporative cooler models feature a double sealed motor with aluminum on the outside and copper on the inside. These durable materials improve the strength of your evaporative cooler and help you avoid motor replacement costs in the future. We never sell our parts for profit.

UV Purification
The last thing that you want to deal with is mold and bacteria that starts growing inside your evaporative cooling units. This is an issue that can cause your coolers to emit unpleasant odors and might even be harmful to your health if you aren’t careful. With Cajun Kooling, you get peace of mind knowing that your unit was specifically designed to prevent mold and bacteria. Our coolers feature purifying UV lighting that helps to reduce the growth of mold and bacteria, which is a common issue for most evaporative cooling systems.

Side Air Intake
Only having air intake on the back of an evaporative cooler can make a fan create more noise and less airflow. Cajun Kooling not only has an air intake on the back, but also on both sides. That means our evaporative coolers can be installed up against a wall with at least a 3 inch gap in order to save you space. Other cooling units aren’t as versatile and won’t provide you the same space-saving convenience or quiet environment.

High-Quality Plastics
You can always tell a quality product by the materials it is constructed with. That’s why each one of our new models is made from injection-molded pure plastic that is built to last. This high-quality plastic increases UV-resistance to up to 10 years and will help to consistently keep your evaporative cooler operating smoothly for years to come.

Stainless Steel Components
Each one of our evaporative cooling units is constructed with SAE 304 stainless steel hardware. This high-quality steel has a higher corrosion resistance than regular steel, which means you can rely on it to hold up well in high-humidity environments. It is an extremely durable metal material that will help to protect your evaporative cooler over the long run.

Most evaporative coolers simply do not work as well in high-humidity environments and can easily be damaged if they come into direct contact with water. Cajun Kooling products feature waterproofed control panels and electrical systems, which means they are built to withstand any moisture. A simple spray of water from a hose can kill competing coolers instantly, but this is not the case with our waterproof evaporative cooling units.

Designed for Tough Environments
Our evaporative coolers are designed to deliver refreshingly cool air in hot and humid environments like South Louisiana—places where evaporative coolers have to work the hardest to function properly. If it works in the scorching Louisiana heat, it will work anywhere!

Each evaporative cooling unit from Cajun Kooling is built to last with the highest-quality parts and expert craftsmanship. Buying the longest-lasting evaporative cooling units on the market is simple thanks to our unique designs and detail-oriented approach. Our customers have reported 7 years of continuous use without maintenance or upgrades.

Designed for Use with Ice
There aren’t many cooling systems out there that allow you to use the refreshing power of ice. Adding ice to your evaporative cooler can provide entirely new levels of comfort. Our evaporative coolers feature wide pour-in openings that allow the use of ice for additional cooling power.

Improved Motor
Enjoy consistently quiet and efficient performance from our evaporative coolers thanks to a new and improved motor design. Our newer models feature a smaller, quieter, and more efficient motor that will keep your area cool without distracting you with too much noise. Whether you are working hard in a warehouse or enjoying a cool breeze outdoors at your home, Cajun Kooling has got you covered.

Automatic Drying
Instead of having to focus on drying out your evaporative cooling unit after each time that you use it, you can sit back and relax while it dries out by itself. Our newer models feature an automatic drying function that completely dries the evaporative media for added longevity and effective mold reduction.

Automatic Temperature Adjustment
Forget about having to constantly adjust your evaporative cooler to get the temperature just right. Our units feature an automatic temperature adjustment capability that adjusts the cooler’s fan speed based on a measured temperature. Kick back and relax while your cooler operates on its own to give you the cool air you deserve.

Strongest Available
You can rely on our evaporative coolers each and every time you need to cool down. We make the strongest 3000 CFM evaporative cooler in the nation. The strength of our products speaks for itself, but we offer a 2-year warranty against defective materials or workmanship from the date of your purchase just in case.

Form and Function
Cajun Kooling products feature an industrial build quality with a home aesthetic that blends well into any space. The sleek design and stylish appearance of our evaporative coolers make a fine addition to any type of property or space. You can experience a noticeable difference in cooling comfort without taking away from the style of your space.

We Spare No Expense
Our Cajun Kooling evaporative air coolers cost us 4 times more than what other companies typically pay in order to manufacture evaporative coolers. Our goal is to make sure that the air in your space is cool, clean, and comfortable at all times. We believe that the quality of our evaporative coolers speaks for itself.

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