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Glampers: Don’t Skip Out on Cool Air

Glamourous camping, also known as “glamping,” has become wildly popular in recent years. While camping without electricity and going off the grid can be fun, families with children or animals find that a few “luxurious” perks can make the experience much easier. Enjoying the outdoors is nothing new, but what if you could enjoy the outdoors even in the hot summer and fall months? Glampers should not skip on this innovative accessory, Cajun Kooling Outdoor Cooling Fans.


Portable outdoor cooling fans have many benefits, but are mostly envied for their cool air on the go. Cajun Kooling features a lightweight and durable design, to be the best of the best in the evaporative cooler industry. The model CK3000-s has been designated as the “tailgater” version of the luxury air cooler brand. Users find this to be the best option on the market because of its minimal electricity requirements of only 1.7 amps (190 watts). This is especially popular amongst glampers who have patio set ups outside of their RV’s.

Use the CK3000-s for you next camping, tailgate or travel adventure, while benefitting from cold air without much effort! Simply fill the bottom of the reservoir with 10 gallons of tap water and enjoy 6-8 hours of usage until refilling. High wind speeds on this model will reach a 25-foot distance, with an oscillating mode providing another 25-foot radius – a total of 500 square feet.

Made with pure plastic and never recycled materials, customers can expect a durable product to last for years, even through wind, rain, UV exposure, dust, bumpy roads and pesky mosquitoes. Washable dust screens surrounding the air intakes protect from excess pollutants including pollen, grass, pet hair, gnats, fruit flies, dirt and more.

Other amazing features on the CK3000-s include: a safety cage for children’s fingers, locking wheels, self-drying mode, easy ice inlet, easy water inlet, drain valve, visual water capacity level, remote control, heavy duty cover, timer, four speeds, adjustable horizontal louvers, thick cooling pads, and an automatic pump shut off system. Weighing only 40 pounds, this portable swamp cooler is the last item to complete your glamping checklist.