Do Swamp Coolers Work in the Deep South?

For many years, evaporative air coolers have been used as climate control solutions for houses, workshops, barns, greenhouses and more. Some folks remember the days of filling evaporative coolers up in the back of their grandparents’ homes, and sitting in front of the cool breeze on a hot summer day. Very popular in the western climates, this type of outdoor air conditioner is also known as a swamp cooler.

In dry climates like in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and western Texas, swamp coolers can easily drop temperatures about 25-30 degrees. But, do these devices have the same effect in the swamp environments they share a name with?

The fact is that higher levels of humidity in the ambient air reduce the amount of temperature change a swamp cooler can achieve. Since dryer climates like the mid-west only reach scorching temperatures for a few weeks of the year, evaporative air coolers are used in place of central air conditioning, which is more popular in southern regions. That being said, the ambient temperature drop from a water-based cooler is satisfactory in the humid regions of the deep south United States.

Since the South experiences a warmer and more humid climate, property owners are happy to enjoy conventional air condition driven by compressors. However, “sportsman’s paradise” is a way of life for many southerners who enjoy the outdoors, which seems impossible to keep cool. Thankfully with enhanced technology, engineering, and performance, evaporative air coolers are now used in a portable fashion, in endless types of spaces.

Many consumers living in humid regions wonder, “do these actually work down here?” The simple answer is, yes! While dryer climates benefit from a low-cost air solution dropping a natural 25-30 degrees, southerners are happy with the output of 10-20 degree lower temperature received in a humid climate. In the heat of the summer, that 10-20 cooler air makes a BIG difference.

With air flow from the fan, water evaporation, and sometimes ice, swamp coolers can make any outdoor space more comfortable. So, while these type of air coolers have  better performance in dryer areas, you can expect to feel cool, clean and comfortable in your space by simply filling your portable evaporative air cooler with water and ice.

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