Q: If the unit is using water, then how does it work with humidity?

A: The temperature drop is based off of temperature in surrounding area. The higher the humidity in the area, the less temperature drop from the fan. In the dry western areas, evaporative coolers can drop 30 degrees instantly. In higher humid climates like the south, we naturally drop 10-15 degrees with only water, and up to 25 degrees with ice water.

Q: If I don’t want to keep filing the water, can I run water through it all the time?

A: Yes, there is a hose attachment (excluding the CK300-S) to run the water all the time and the water will stop once it is full to prevent over flow using a float. But the tank was designed to be large enough to last an average of 8 hours. If you use the hose attachment, make sure to disconnect it, drain the fan, and refill it once a week to ensure you have the freshest water.

Q: Can these units be used indoors?

A: Yes, they have been designed to be outdoors because they are weather proof, but using them indoors is also great to cool off your space temporarily and are also great to use during hurricanes. However, trapping the moisture in small rooms for long periods of time can create humidity. Allow enough space for the water to evaporate into the atmosphere. Only use indoors for long periods of time if you live in a dry climate area. 

Q: If I put the unit in the sun, will it still work the same?

A: If the unit is in the sun, the cooling pads will not stay as wet as they would in the shade because the sun could dry them out. We designed the intake to be slanted so that the sun doesn’t hit directly on the pads. It will still cool off the space, but the temperatures will not be as significant as they would be in the shade.

Q: Can I paint the cooler?

A: Yes you can paint the cooler if desired, but not recommended. We provide the unit in the condition that it is because we guarantee that the unit is weather proof. The materials are compressed so that there is no chipping, fading, or peeling. Painting your fan voids your warranty.

Q: Can I use essential oils in my unit?

A: Yes! essential oils are great for keeping mosquitoes and bugs away as well as making you space smell great. We recommend using only alcohol based oils to allow for proper evaporation. Never use chemicals, oils or cleaners that can create bubbles, those can damage your cooling pads and take some time to wash out. 

Q: If I don’t like the unit, can I return it?

A: Once the unit has been open and used, you may not return the unit because we guarantee all of our customers with a brand new product, and we do not resell used units. Unless the unit has a manufacturer defect.

Q: Can I put the unit up against a wall to make more space for my area?

A: Yes, but the more space you have to allow airflow, the better the unit will drop your temperatures. We suggest at least a 6-in. space surrounding all intakes for airflow.

Q: If I leave the water in the unit for a long time and don’t want to drain it, can the unit take chemicals?

A: Yes, you can drop 1oz. of bleach in your unit with the water and it will shock the water to kill any bacteria or mildew. We also offer a UV lamp accessory that is installed in varying units. Left over water should be drained first from the drain valve, and then the cleaning process will start with new water.

Q: Can it be laid down for transportation?

A: Yes it can be laid down on the side or on the back. We suggest laying it on the backside with a blanket or cover under it to avoid damage

Q: How long does the water last?

A: An average of  8-10 hours depending on the outdoor temperature, fan speed and model being used

Q: When do I drain the water?

A: The water doesn’t need to be drained because it will actually evaporate out of the unit and then once it runs out, you refill it with more. If the same water has been in the tank for more than three days, then drain it.

Q: How long will the UV light last? What do I do with it? What does it do? Do I have to replace it? How much does it cost?

A: The UV light is an ultra violet light accessory already installed inside varying model tanks. It sits in the tank and the water flows through it and shocks the water to dissolve any bacteria. It comes on every 20 mins. automatically for 5 minutes. You can’t control it yourself. It will last 2500 hours worth of time so it wont need to be replaced until approximately 3 years and is $100 to replace.

Q: How often do I change out the screens?

A: They are reusable screens and should be wiped or sprayed off with water only. As long as you can blow air through the other side of them, they don’t need to be washed. They should last approximately 4-6 years depending on care and use.

Q: How long do the cooling pads last or need to be changed?

A: the screens protect the cooling pads so they don’t ever need to be cleaned as long as the screens cover them. They are meant to last 5-7 years but if need to be replaced they cost $120 per set (3)

Q: If it breaks or something happens, what do I do? Does the warranty cover it?

A: If anything happens, you can call our company and a local technician will make sure that you are taken care of and will troubleshoot and accommodate with your warranty standards

Q: What is the warranty on it?

A: The warranty is a two-year warranty on all mechanical parts and not including labor. Reference to the customers invoice will be checked and followed through with the warranty information provided on our website.

Q: Can the tank be separated from the top part of the fan?

A: No, it comes all assembled and it self sustained. It can’t be detached because the water pump and hose is mounted in the bottom of the tank, and is connected to the top

Q: Can I take the back panel off to put more ice or clean the inside?

A: Yes, the back panel can come off and the side panel on varying models. There are 7 screws holding it together and then it slips out of a groove. The entire interior can be accessed with the back off but should be put back on before returning to use. Make sure the fan is off while doing this.

Q: How long has Cajun Kooling been in business?

A: 10 years.